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Philosophy, in its broadest sense, is the sustained and thoughtful inquiry into the nature of the universe and the role of human beings within it. To this end, philosophy aims to develop students’ capacity for independent, critical thinking and to acquaint them with humankind’s efforts to carry out this investigation.

While Carthage no longer offers a major or minor in philosophy, courses in philosophy will continue to be offered in the 2020-21 academic year, and in future years by a variety of academic departments.

Carthage began phasing out the philosophy major and minor in August 2020. All current students who entered Carthage before the 2020-21 academic year who have already declared a major or minor in philosophy will continue their studies at Carthage and progress toward their degrees. Current students with a declared major or minor in philosophy should visit Degree Audit in the My.Carthage portal for more information on their programs of study.

Carthage will continue to offer philosophy courses in the 2020-21 academic year. Philosophy courses emphasize the mastery of the material and the development of skills, such as patient, careful reading; recognition, analysis, and evaluation of arguments; and the clear presentation and justification of one’s own beliefs. Students thus become more capable of thinking independently.