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Office of the Provost

April 2009 Minutes

April 9, 2009

Judith Schaumberg called the meeting to order at 11:48 a.m.

Motion to change the Agenda: seconded.

Harvard Stephens delivered the invocation.

United Way - Bob Bonn and Aaron Trautwein gave a presentation highlighting Carthage’s United Way participation.

E-Mail - Carol Sabbar announced the official changeover to Google Apps for Education. 

The minutes of March 5, 2009 were approved as posted.

(August, December, February, May)
Executive Committee - Christine Rener
Christine Rener brought a motion about the Adult Ed Advisory Committee, text appearing below:

Adult Education Advisory Committee Motion
The Faculty Executive Committee moves that the existing School of Professional Studies Advisory Committee be replaced with the Adult Education Advisory Committee, whose composition and charge are as follows: The responsibilities of the Adult Education Advisory Committee are:

  • Reviewing the quality and content for consistency of courses offered through the Adult Education Program to courses delivered during the regular day program with specific attention to the delivery of general education and distribution requirements including Heritage, Carthage Symposia and Writing Intensive courses. 
  • Facilitating communication between the Adult Education Program and department representatives with regard to staffing of courses, senior thesis requirements, advising and any other matters necessary to maintain the quality and consistency of courses offered in the Adult Education Program and in the regular day program.
  • Informing the Carthage faculty about the status of the Adult Education Program at its October and April faculty meetings
  • Checking to see that future curriculum changes to the core curriculum or specific majors be integrated into the Adult Education Program.
  • Helping the Adult Education Program to foster a liberal arts ethos
  • Facilitating the regular assessment of faculty teaching in Adult Education courses and recommending policies necessary to support Adult Education faculty professional development. 
  • Promoting continuous assessment of Adult Education courses generally and as they apply to the Carthage College mission.

Membership: The Adult Education Advisory Committee consists of seven faculty members (appointed by the FEC). The Dean of the College and the Associate Vice President for Adult Education serve as ex officio members. Appointments will be made such that (a) departments whose majors are offered in the Adult Education Program are represented, (b) each academic division is represented, (c) general education is represented, and (d) three members from the Adult Education faculty are included. These will be appointed by the Dean in consultation with the Associate Vice President for Adult Education. Members will serve staggered 3-year terms.  Faculty Committee Elections:

Personnel and Tenure Committee Nominees
Nominees were added to the list of candidates.  There was a motion to close the nominations, which was seconded and carried.
Richard Heitman
Patrick Pfaffle
Chris Renaud

New Nominees:

Jean Quashnock
Leslie Cameron
Lynn Loewen

Pat Pfaffle and Leslie Cameron were elected.
Quality of Life Committee

Motion to close nominations was seconded and carried.
Laura Huaracha
Thomas Powers
Huaracha and Powers were elected.

Western Heritage Sub-Committee
Nominees were added to the list of candidates.  There was a motion to close the nominations, which was seconded and carried.
Temple Burling
Chris Renaud
Karin Sconzert

New Nominees:
Dominic Klyve
Paul Ulrich
Amy Haines
Temple Burling, Paul Ulrich, and Dominic Klyve were elected.

Budget and Compensation Committee
Pascal Rollet gave a report.
Curriculum Planning Committee - Richard Sperber
CPC Agenda: Richard Sperber moved changes to the Latin Minor.  The motion carried.
Three new course proposals were moved.  The motion carried.

CADRE - Christine Rener, Dan Miller, Greg Baer
Dan Miller and Greg Baer gave a report.



Sarah Cyganiak announced the International Poetry Festival.

Jane Livingston announced that the grant for the Chamber Series has been renewed, and announced the lineup for the year.

Diane Levesque announced upcoming exhibitions in our gallery.

Erik Kulke encouraged the faculty to advise their students about study abroad opportunities, and announced the tenth annual Carthage golf outing.

Paul Ulrich encouraged the faculty to vote for the College Leadership Award.

Mimi Yang requested that faculty re-send their applications for grants from the QOL.

Herschel Kruger announced Thoroughly Modern Millie and donated a work of art from his Greece trip.

The meeting adjourned at 1:04 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Martin McClendon
Faculty Secretary