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Carthage College

Carthage’s Tuition Reset:

Bringing transparency to the cost of college


Exciting things are happening at Carthage College. We don’t want students to miss out on the tremendous opportunities we offer because they’re scared away by our sticker price. That’s why we’re resetting our tuition to $31,500 and continuing our commitment to generous financial aid.

Starting in the fall of 2020, Carthage will lower tuition by 30 percent. Our new published tuition will be $31,500, which better reflects the amount most students pay. In addition, room and board will not increase for the 2020-21 academic year. Carthage will continue to offer generous scholarships and aid with the new tuition, which might make your cost even lower. 

This bold step builds on our long-standing commitment to affordability, which we make real by offering financial assistance to nearly 100 percent of students. Last year, we awarded more than $20 million in scholarships and grants to first-year Carthage students. But we can do more to give students and families a clearer picture of what it costs to attend Carthage, because we believe students and their families deserve straightforward pricing.

—— Prospective Students ——

What does this mean for me, a prospective student?
We know that, despite our extremely generous financial aid program, some students and families believe that Carthage is just too expensive for them to consider. This reset will give students and their families a clearer picture of the actual cost of attending Carthage, and encourage families that may have thought we were too expensive to give us another look. Carthage will continue to offer generous scholarships and aid with the new tuition.

—— Returning Students ——

What does this mean for me, a returning student?
For returning students, very little will actually change. Tuition will be reduced for the 2020-21 academic year, and your financial aid package will be adjusted in line with the new tuition. You and your family can expect to pay the same net tuition price as you would have paid without the reset — what you’re paying this year, plus the annual tuition increase for inflation. In addition, the price for room and board will not be increased for the 2020-21 academic year.


—— FAQs ——

Want more information about our tuition reset? Start here, with our FAQs



Carthage, which welcomed its largest class in college history last year, is among the first institutions
in Wisconsin to lower tuition, and the first in the state to implement such a significant tuition reset. We are proud to be a leader in bringing much-needed transparency to the cost of a college education.

Here are some other things that make us proud: 

Carthage awards $20 million in scholarships and financial aid.
134 Clubs and Orgs 188x120
004 Faculty Taught Classes 188x120
200 Performances 188x120
50 Majors and Programs 188x120
010 Student Faculty Ratio 188x120
008 Average Class Size 188x120
007 27 DIII Sports 188x120
006 Graduation Rate 188x120
004 Investment in Facilities 188x120



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