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Carthage College Soccer Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

It is extremely important to come to the “All-Camp Meeting” at 2 p.m. in Tarble Arena to learn about all necessary details. Campers will begin their training immediately after this all-camp meeting and need to be dressed and ready to train immediately after this meeting.

If you do have a questions and it is not answered below, please contact:

  • Chris Tindall at or 262-891-7384 for curriculum and player movement during camp.
  • Jenna Hass at or 614-787-8400 for general counseling and player management.

However, any person, including Coach Domin, could answer your questions.

How do I apply?

It’s simple! Just click here.

When will I know my training group number and my coach’s name?

You will get that information the first day of camp, and then the schedules will make exact sense. 

Can I bring a TV?

Yes, but you will need to provide your own coaxial cable.

Is there access to internet in the residence halls?

Yes. If you have any questions,  the library staff manages the remote access.

Can campers leave campus?

Yes, but only with a guardian and only once the camper has made contact with a director and/or coach and has let them know where they are and when they will return. No driving-eligible resident camper is allowed to leave campus by themselves.  We do not, however, collect vehicle keys. 

Is there a public safety office?

Yes Carthage Security is open 24 hours a day.  They are visible and walk the property and residence halls.  The security office is located in the basement of Johnson Hall.

Do campers need flat shoes too?

Yes, cleats and soccer flat surface/gym shoes are required. 

Can campers add to camp store credit during camp?

Yes, anytime. Most campers purchase store credit at the time of check-in. Credits are non-refundable, so we understand adding money during the camp to not waste points.

Will campers be in a residence hall on/near the lake?

All the residence halls sit on Lake Michigan. Not all of the dorms are air conditioned, but it is often cooler on the Lake. Campers should bring some warm clothes as well. You could experience all types of weather here. 

Where is the staff located on campus?

The staff lives on campus in the residence halls.

Are campers allowed to bunk or loft residence hall furniture?


Can campers swim in the lake?

No campers cannot swim in the lake, nor are they allowed on the beach. Campers are welcome to swim in our beautiful pools. 

I am not sure if you got my forms or my paid balances. 

At this point please do not contact our office as we are busy with other camps.  If you are not 100 percent certain about your balances or your forms, please be ready to do all at check-in.  Details are all on-line about confirmation and check-ins, and what to have ready.

Are refrigerators allowed?

Yes, smaller refrigerators are allowed.

When do campers learn their roommate?  

At check-in. We do honor roommate requests. 

What needs to happen to check out early?  

Same rules apply to early check-outs as they do to late check-ins

Are mobile/cell phones permissible for campers to have?  

Yes, unless they become a distraction or used inappropriately. Campers are allowed to contact staff during camp via cell phone in appropriate manner. Any issues or emergencies use house phones at EXT 5911 

We need to keep something refrigerated.  

Yes, we can house some special needs items.

Do campers need to bring linens?  

Yes.  Many campers bring sleeping bags, but twin sheet linens will suffice, along with a pillow and pillowcase.  Towels for personal use is also an item some forget.

How long does the final ceremony last?

Camper ceremonies last about one hour. 

What if my camper has special dietary needs?

If you have questions about special dietary needs, please email Brian Smoko at

How do I get there?

Carthage College is located in Kenosha, Wis. at 2001, Alford Park Drive. Directions to campus can be found on the Visiting Carthage page. For information on how to get to the off-campus locations, please see camp directions.  

Where can I find training schedules, game schedules and other important forms?

Please visit the forms and letters page.

What is the registration deadline?

The registration deadline is June 10. After June 10, please call the Carthage Soccer Office at (262) 551-5930 to see if spots remain.Camp fills up each year, so don’t delay sending in your registration. 

What is the late fee and date?

Your entire balance is due on or before June 10. All families should have all paperwork and fees turned in by June 10 in order to expedite the registration and check-in process. After June 10, there will be a late fee of $25. Further details, including your balance due, will be sent to you by mail upon registration. Information about where to park, drop off your child, and checking in will also be sent electronically in the days prior to camp. 

Are there only two campers per room?

Yes, but we house all campers near each other if they are specific in their “reside near” field on application. Please apply ahead of time.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, credit card payments are accepted online, but only at the time of application. Payment can also be made by check. Checks should be made payable to Carthage Soccer and mailed to Steve Domin, Carthage Soccer Office, 2001 Alford Park Drive, Kenosha, 53140. You must pay at least your deposit at the time of application to hold your space. The balance is due on/or before June 10. 

Is checking in and checking out at other times OK?

Yes, but is not encouraged. However, for special events, we do check in folks ad hoc. Send an email to or

What will I need to bring to check-in?

You need to mail in all your forms and balances prior to camp including: Health History Form (print and mail)(online form), Assumption of Risk/Waiver (print and mail)(online form), and a copy of your private insurance card (print and mail)(online form). If you have not done so, or are uncertain moving closer to camp, make sure you have back-ups. If there is more than one camper from a household attending, each camper needs to submit forms individually.

Is my child allowed to check out of camp for special events, Olympic Development Program, games, other sports, etc.?

Yes, but you must follow specific guidelines outlined at orientations and with staff. During camp, please contact Pamela Domin at 630-687-0100 to make arrangements. 

Do commuters have a place to hang out in lounges in between sessions?

Yes, and they have the option to leave campus right after games, or at lights out (10:30 p.m.). At the camp store, campers are also allowed to leave personal items of value, or private gear. 

Do campers need gym shoes?

Yes, campers need to bring indoor and outdoor shoes, as well as a ball with air and shin guards. A list of items to bring is on-line, as well as a dorm lay-out:

Are team discounts available?

Yes, with a group of more than $10 of camp store credit. Teams are encouraged to sign up together. It is generally helpful to get them all at once via U.S. Mail.

What items do I need to bring?

A list of needed items and dorm layout can be seen here

Is there an additional cost to participate in camp as a goal-keeper?

The fee for goal keepers is the same as for field players (for any of the camps); there is no additional fee to participate in goal-keeper camp activities. Day campers are eligible to participate in goalkeeper sessions.

How are campers transported to different training sites? 

The majority of training occurs on Carthage facilities. However, the camp does utilize local Kenosha parks and Kenosha Unified School District facilities as well. In the event a camper moves off campus, they transported professionally by First Student Bus Services or Carthage fleet vehicles and are always supervised by camp staff. 

What is the camp’s last day schedule?

The last session for overnight/residential campers ends near 11 a.m. Move out and break period goes from 11 a.m. to noon. At noon there is a Camper Recognition Ceremony as well as a team exit meeting. Key and ID return is located at the Camp Store. Final meetings are at noon in the Fieldhouse/3rd floor of the TARC.

Can I watch?

Yes, camp is open for all spectators.  On the forms section, you can find schedules, and directions of all sessions (training and games).  It is IMPORTANT that your camper know his or her coach’s name and group number. Goalkeepers train separately in the mornings and are married into team groups/games in the afternoon. There is no extra fee for goal keeper sessions. GK sessions are available for Day Campers as well.

Are Goalkeeper sessions available for Day Campers too?

Yes, GK sessions are available for Day Campers as well.  

Where are important places on campus?

The dorms are located on the south end of campus. Campers will learn their room number and exact location upon check-in. The Dean of Students handles all housing issues. Before each training session, campers meet on the hill outside of Madrigrano Hall and then will travel with their teams to the fields and training locations. Movies and the cafeteria are located in the Todd Wehr Center.

Where is my counselor?

Our counselors and staff reside on property and in the dorms. On each floor is a resident assistant/counselor and campers should identify where their counselor resides. Starting at dinner time and throughout the evening there is an attendant sitting at the front desk of each dorm. If there is an emergency, any camper can/should pick up an on-campus phone and dial 5911 for security.

What time can I swim?

There is designated free/rec time throughout camp when campers are allowed to swim. Swim times are supervised by trained lifeguards and camp staff.

Where do I get ice?

Ice is available at all training sites and also at the cafeteria.

Where do I go to play basketball and racquetball?

Basketballs and rackets can be checked out in the TARC at the control office located at the east doors.

Where’s my team?

Every schedule is posted on every bathroom door and online. Each group is listed by their group number and coach’s last name.

Is wifi available?

Yes. Campers can get wireless information from your floor counselor. 

Where is the camp mother?

Mrs. Domin is usually in the camp store. Her number is 630-687-0100.

Where is the trainer’s room?

The athletic training room is located downstairs in the TARC adjacent to the racquetball courts. The training room is open during training sessions and for some time before and after.

Where is my child?

If you are trying to locate your child, you can address any of the coaches, senior staff, or counselors. Campers can be easily located by following training schedules on-line. Knowing your group number and coach’s last name is essential. Goalkeepers train with GK’s during the morning and afternoon sessions. GK’s are then married into game play in the evening sessions.

Where and when do pizzas come?

Ordered pizzas are delivered to the lobby of Madrigrano Dorm at/near 9:15 pm. Campers need to come to the camp store to pick up their pizza (having their order and room number is important). 

More facts:

  • Those who elect to be commuters do the full resident program, but just stay/commute from home. They can elect to leave right after night games, or stay to lights out. It’s personal preference.

  • Jr Kicker Programs and Day Camps are separate programs from the residential and commuters.  Please read offerings carefully in brochure or online.

  • As part of tuition, all meals are included during your time on campus (excluding lunch on check-in and check-out days). As part of a healthy environment, all campers are encouraged to attend all meals afforded to them. 

  • Goal keepers train separately in the mornings and are married into team groups/games in the afternoon. There is no extra fee for goal keeper sessions. GK sessions are available for Day Campers as well. Click here for more info.