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Carthage College Soccer Camp

Soccer Adult Camp

Session III — July 30 - August 1st, 2021 (Postponed for 2021 Summer)
Cost: $245

This 3-day, 2-night, overnight stay will give you all the tools you need to become a productive soccer adult. There will be group breakdown of games, sessions in soccer vocabulary, discussions on player responsibility, and knowledge shared by soccer professionals. Then enjoy activities designed to get you off the field for a break of your own: wine tasting, socials, shows, meals, walks, yoga and exercise of your choice. Your stay can be as low-impact or high-impact as you like. Whether you are the coach, the manager, a soccer fan, or all of the above, this experience is for you!

Attendees will stay in the modern Oaks Village on our beautiful lakeside campus. Learn more about the Oaks. All attendees will be given a menu of optional activities at check-in. Coming with a teammate’s mom or a friend is encouraged. This getaway is for adult females only — no children or high school students, please. Fee: $245.

Adult Camp Schedule — Going Back to College

Begin your getaway on Friday morning. Arrive on campus between 7 and 9 a.m. and head to the TARC lobby. There, you will be greeted by staff and invited to unwind from the week with wine and cheese. At 10 a.m., there will be a brief tour of the facilities, followed by our first “chalk talk.” Field sessions are light, fitness oriented and enjoyable. Later that night, enjoy a viewing of a recent release or show in the College’s modern theater.

Wake up to yoga. A session designed for all levels will get your blood flowing. Following breakfast, we will have our second “chalk talk,” with a focus on coaching and organizational topics. Immediately following, there will be an all-camp walk of campus. On Saturday afternoon, choose from a massage, an afternoon at the beach, a personal training session, tanning, swimming, and/or a manicure. On Saturday night, enjoy a social with men’s and women’s soccer players, and local entertainment. Saturday marks an all-camp excursion to a local show or ball game. Details TBA. Events in the past have included a Casino Night, a show in Milwaukee, and a baseball game.

In the morning, there will be a final “chalk talk” focused on advanced topics, followed by on-field play. Play is optional but encouraged.

More Details

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