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Office of Sponsored Programs


Office of Sponsored Programs Compliance Resources

Grant compliance is the cornerstone of grants management. In recent years, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has become more focused on grant compliance for federal funding, and grantors in general have created a larger culture of oversight that requires more stringent review of grantee programs.The Office of Sponsored Programs provides oversight and guidance to ensure Carthage College grantees appropriately manage sponsored program funding and follow best practice guidelines in terms of grant compliance. Follow the links below for specific compliance resources provided by the Office of Sponsored Programs:

Carthage Compliance Resources

OMB Uniform Guidance Compliance

Federal Compliance- Agencies

Carthage Institutional Review Board

Carthage Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee




Consider these factors in order to ensure your project meets basic compliance standards:




  • Understand the statutory and/or regulatory rules that govern the grant award for which you have been funded
  • Review the grant award requirements and track progress in meeting milestones in your award agreement
  • Designate specific roles to personnel with your organization to manage grants in the post award phase
  • Make leadership aware of the post-award grant requirements, especially for larger grant awards
  • Regularly collaborate with grantors to ensure open communication, and address issues as they arise
  • Communicate regularly with the Office of Sponsored Programs to ensure best grant management practices