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A Strategic Plan for Funding

Idea, Plan, Action ImagePreparing a plan to guide you will make finding and competing for funding less overwhelming and will help you use your time more efficiently. In fact, many of the things you’ll need to do can be accomplished in parallel with your other activities. Developing a Strategic Plan for Funding Guide provides outlines methods for developing a strategic plan & timeline for funding your project. 

Download the Developing a Strategic Plan for Funding Guide

Key steps towards developing a funding plan…

  • Develop your research agenda
  • Develop your education agenda
  • Determine the expectations for research funding in your department
  • Find research mentors
  • Find out who is likely to fund your research, and get to know those funding sources and program managers
  • Develop a process for identifying specific funding opportunities that you may want to pursue now or in the future
  • Identify potential collaborators if appropriate
  • Identify research development resources
  • Do your homework and determine what you must do to be competitive 
  • Schedule proposal writing
  • Plan to be declined