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Staff Council

Staff Spotlights

The Staff Council celebrates members of the Carthage staff each month through our monthly staff spotlight awards. Want to see someone you know at Carthage featured in our next employee spotlight? Nominate them today at

February 2018

Ashley Morris
Payroll Specialist

”In my short time at Carthage, I can contribute that Ashley displays a sincere interest in the welfare of the employees. She is dedicated to knowledge-sharing and is always eager to improve processes. I greatly appreciate her enthusiasm and practical approach to our everyday activities. She is always helpful, regardless of whether it is a payroll issue or not. She has been a great resource in the Business Office, offering to help when any assistance is needed and directing people to the correct person when she is not able to help.”

january 2018

Max McGrath
Infrastructure and Security Manager

“Max is so deserving of this attention.  He is someone who normally shies away from the spotlight and attention, but he very much deserves it. In the network world — especially network security — Max is a rock star. He actually helps write the test questions for the CompTIA international certification for Network+. He is so sharp and quick and practical in his analysis and decision-making. Carthage is very fortunate to have him. Many other places have tried to steal Max from us, and we are grateful for his dedication to the community and to overcoming technology challenges for the betterment of us all.” 

December 2017

Beth DeLaRosby
Head Women’s Swimming Coach and Aquatics Director

“Coach Beth is known as ‘Coach’ to more than just her swimmers. She is ‘Coach’ to fellow staff members, faculty, and to the overall general student body. For many staff and faculty members at Carthage, Beth is also known as a coach to their sons or daughters in swim lessons! ‘Coach’ is known for being on campus 15-16 hours a day, even in the off season. She can be seen working at graduation, move-in weekend, late night breakfast, admissions recruitment events, and so much more. Coach Beth is an excellent representation of what Carthage means to students and families. From the time she meets with a student during their college search until they walk across the stage at graduation, her ability to be a leader, role model, coach and friend deeps every day with our students.”

November 2017

Roger Moreano
Director of Student Involvement for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs 

“We are so grateful to have Roger as part of the Student Involvement team and the Carthage community. Roger was eager to jump right into the swing of things during his first month by hosting diversity, equity and inclusion training sessions for Resident Assistants and Orientation Leaders, along with launching the first pre-orientation program, First in the Family. Roger has added new events to the campus with great response from students! These fun and thought-provoking events have included a Freedom Film Documentary Series, Java and Justice dialogues and culture-based immersion field trips — just to name a few! When asking students if they’ve met Roger yet, their consistent response has been, ‘Oh yeah, he’s awesome!”

October 2016

Wendy Williams
Faculty Information Specialist, Office of the Provost

“Wendy does not usually enjoy being in the spotlight, but she has played an important role in the Provost’s Office for many years, allowing numerous people across the College to come to know her as a trusted colleague and friend,” wrote Dana Garrigan, associate provost for planning and assessment at Carthage. “Among her many talents, I most appreciate Wendy for her attention to detail in handling sensitive information about faculty appointments, personnel reviews, and compensation. Her dedication to her work is remarkable. Wendy’s commitment to friends and family is also obvious to anyone who has spent time with her. We are fortunate to have had the opportunity to share in the growth of three of her children who have chosen to study at Carthage.”

august 2016

Theo Powell
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Office of Admissions 

“Theo represents all things Carthage! He has a passion for helping students and families reach their goals of higher education,” said Ashley Hanson, vice president for admissions. “He is an asset to the admissions team and to the College. He has an amazing ability to connect with his students and the ability to listen and understand what they are looking for.”

APRIL 2016

Judy Steinbrecher
Financial Aid Representative, Office of Student Financial Planning

“Judy is an absolute treasure,” said Lauren Hansen, director of alumni and parent programs. “She is a bright light here on Carthage’s campus, always smiling and willing to go the extra mile for students. She works hard and cares deeply for our community. We are so blessed to have her here!”