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  • Spring 2021 Election – April 6, 2021


Questions about how to register, how to find your polling place, or something else? 
Email Braden Kundert, President of the Carthage Democrats
Email Travis Wells, President of the Carthage Republicans

Carthage has been named a Voter Friendly Campus for the 2021-22 academic year.Registering and Voting in Wisconsin

Registering to Vote in Wisconsin

Register to vote online at! Wisconsin residents can also find their polling location, request an absentee ballot, and more through this site by entering their name and birthdate. 

Registration deadlines for April 6 Election

  • March 17 — Deadline to register online and by mail
    Voters who are able to match their name, date of birth, Wisconsin Driver License or State ID number, and address with the Wisconsin DMV can register to vote online through March 17, 2021.
    Visit to register online

    If registering by mail, voter registration forms and proof of residence must be postmarked to your municipal clerk no later than March 17, 2021.
    Find your Municipal Clerk’s contact information

  • April 2 at 5 p.m. — Deadline to register at your municipal clerk’s office
    Voters may register in-person in their municipal clerk’s office during the clerk’s business hours until 5 p.m. on Friday, April 2. Registered voters can find themselves in the system and get the address of their municipal clerk. Non-registered users can use the “Address Search” feature, enter a street address, and find the clerk for that municipality.
    Find your Municipal Clerk’s contact information

  • April 6 — Register to vote at your polling place
    Voters can register to vote at their polling place on Election Day, April 6, 2021.
    Find your polling place

Voting in Wisconsin

April 1 at 5 p.m. — Absentee Voting Deadlines for April 6 Election

All voters in Wisconsin can request an absentee ballot be mailed to them for any reason. Voters must be registered before they can request an absentee ballot. Voters may request their absentee ballot in writing. Voters must provide a photo ID with their absentee ballot request. 

  • April 1 at 5 p.m. — Deadline to request an absentee ballot for regular or permanent overseas voters
    If you are a regular or a permanent overseas voter, your absentee ballot request must be received by your municipal clerk by 5 p.m. on April 1
  • April 2 at 5 p.m. — Deadline to request an absentee ballot for those indefinitely confined 
    If a voter is indefinitely confined, meaning they have a difficult time getting to the polls due to age, illness, infirmity, or disability, the absentee ballot request must be received by your municipal clerk by 5 p.m. on April 2, 2021.

Absentee ballots must be returned by mail or delivery to your municipal clerk, your polling place, or a local dropbox established by your clerk by 8 p.m on April 6, 2021. 


Proof of Residence in Wisconsin

When registering, you must provide proof of residence. The Government Accountability Board recognizes a student’s proof of enrollment as proof of residence for registration along with a current student ID. Students can access the proof of enrollment form from the My.Carthage portal to register to vote in Wisconsin. Follow these steps to access your proof of enrollment:

  • Log into your My.Carthage portal
  • Click on the “Finances” Tab
  • On the left menu, select “My Account Information”
  • Select “Course and Fee Statement”
  • From the drop-down menu, select the current semester (this should default)
  • Select “Generate My Course and Fee Statement”
  • Click on the PDF to view and print your fee statement
  • Bring your fee statement to the polling station with your Voter ID

Where do I go to vote?

Live on campus?

  • Request an absentee ballot from your home state if you’re registered to vote there.
  • If you’re registered to vote in Wisconsin with your campus address, you will vote at the Civil War Museum in Kenosha for the Spring Election on April 6, 2021. 
    • Civil War Museum
      5400 1st Ave, Kenosha, WI 53140
      Polling Hours: 7 a.m.-8 p.m., Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Live off campus or commute to Carthage? 


Voter IDs

Click to enlarge.Click to enlarge.If you’re from another state but want to register to vote in Wisconsin, you can obtain a valid voter ID card from the Division of Student Affairs in the Todd Wehr Center. Students can request a voter ID during normal office hours, which are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

*Note: Your student ID card will not suffice as valid photo identification for voting.


  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued driver license, even if driving privileges are revoked or suspended
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issued identification card
  • A Wisconsin DOT-issues ID card or driver license receipt
  • A Military ID card issued by the U.S. Uniformed Services (including retired and dependent uniformed service IDs)
  • A U.S. passport book or card

Carthage’s Division of Student Affairs will host Voter ID Printing events for students throughout the year to make sure students have a valid voter ID in time for the election. See upcoming voter ID printing events or read The Bridge for more details. 


Voting in Other States

If you choose to cast your ballot in your home state, visit to learn how to register to vote in that state. 

Every state except North Dakota requires citizens to register if they want to vote. States that require registration also have deadlines for when you need to register by. Visit the U.S. Vote Foundation’s website to find out deadline dates for all states, or check your state or territory’s election office for more details

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