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2019 SURE Participants

More than 30 Carthage students have been selected to conduct research with faculty this summer as part of the 2019 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience. These students will spend June, July, and August tackling projects that range from creating a painting of the history of Carthage to developing a free-floating membrane to suppress slosh in propellant tanks on a spacecraft.

Designing and Synthesizing Surfacants

Tell us about your research

Are you a 2019 SURE student? Fill out this form to tell us more about your research. You may be featured on our website or in a future Carthage publication.

SURE has been a hallmark of the Carthage experience since the mid-1990s. The undergraduate research initiative first began in the natural sciences, but has now grown to include all academic disciplines at Carthage. Each summer between 25 and 50 students are chosen to participate.

Selected students spend 10 weeks on campus doing research full time with a faculty mentor. Students receive a stipend, on-campus housing, a meal plan, and a research budget.

The following students and projects were selected for the 2019 SURE program:


Gabrielle Schmitt ’20
Katharine Schram ’20
Project: A Painting of Carthage History
Mentor: Prof. Diane Levesque

Grace Schmidt ’20
Project: An Applied Survey of Graphic Novel Illustration with Frida and Euclid
Mentor: Prof. Jojin Van Winkle 


Brady Holbach ’20
Project: Stratigraphic Distribution of Turtles at the end of the age of Dinosaurs in Southeastern Montana 
Mentor: Prof. Thomas Carr

Azniv Khaligian ’22
Joy Layton ’21

Project: Examination of white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar) play behavior 
Mentor: Prof. Angela Dassow

Ashley Hermans ’20
Felicity Daniels ’21
Sophia Tajnai ’21

Project: Understanding the role of the Hippo Pathway in the optic nerve development and Regeneration
Mentor: Prof. Steven Henle

Samantha Ardery ’21
Project: Studying the Hippo Pathway in Zebrafish Optics 
Mentor: Prof. Steven Henle


Jessica Fletcher ’20 
Kaitlin Arnashus ’19  
Project: NMR Spectroscopy of Amino Acid-based Surfactants
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Morris

Grace Tews ’21
Sonja Katt ’21
Project: Synthesis of Microporous Carbons from Metal-Organic Frameworks to Improve Water Quality
Mentor: Prof. Megan Moyer

Anthony Kaprelian ’20
Koziczkowski  ’21
Project: The Effect of Genetic Mutations on StarD6 and its Role in Cholesterol Binding and Homeostasis
Mentor: Prof. Gabriella Papale

Andrew Boldt ’21
Jonathan Ramirez ’21

Project: Strategies in Radical Functionalization using Photoredox Catalysis
Mentor: Prof. Susan Stevenson

Computer Science 

Scotland White ’21
Project: Storyteller: A Tool for Telling Stories About Code
Mentor: Prof. Mark Mahoney


Zoe Hobbs ’21
Project: Comparing and Mapping Rooftop Solar Incentives Across the U.S.
Mentor: Prof. Erik Johnson

Riley Peterson ’21
Project: The Effect of Federal Government Shutdowns on Health
Mentor: Prof. Cassie Lau


Mia Morton ’20
Project: Analyzing OmniLibros: Children’s International Literature
Mentor: Prof. Marilyn Ward


Caleb Hays ’19
Project: “Malone, Malone, no more of that”: Modernism and the Search for Meaning in Beckett’s Malone Dies
Mentor: Prof. Maria Carrig

Exercise and Sport Science

Ben Nolan ’20 
Project: Force-Time Characteristics of Safety Squat, Back Squat, and Front Squat
Mentor: Prof. Andrew Pustina

Modern Languages

Stephanie Storczer ’21
Project: Cultural Appropriation in Japan
Mentor: Prof. Darwin Tsen


Alec DiGirolamo ’22 
Project: Compression-Based Digital Watermarking of Color Images Using Quaternion-Valued Neural Networks
Mentor: Prof. Diana Thomson

Mary Phillips ’19
Project: Sums of Absolutely Convergent Series with Negative Terms
Mentor: Prof. Sara Jensen


Sarah Schiltz ’19
Project: Evaluation of the Effects of an Undergraduate Spiritual Care Course to Guide Care of Patients at the End of Life
Mentor: Prof. Cheryl Petersen

Psychological Science

Asmau Diallo ’21
Project: Eye Tracking and Ethnic Marketing
Mentors: Prof. Arryn Robbins

Chad Bolman ’20
Project: Using eye-tracking to examine attentional failures related to cybersecurity
Mentor: Prof. Arryn Robbins

Emily Lilly ’21
Project: Cognitive and Affective Barriers to Help-Seeking for Young Adults with Chronic Illness
Mentor: Prof. Kateryna Sylaska


Kimberly Hernandez ’21
Project: The Milwaukee Moment: Oppression, Policing, and resistance in the age of mass incarceration
Mentor: Prof. Katherine Hilson


Jacob Biewer ’22 (University of Wisconsin-Madison student)
Caroline Cardamone ’20
Garrett Shuldes ’22
Project: Canopy Near-infrared Observing Project (CaNOP CubeSat)
Read more about CubeSat
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby
* This project is supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium

Bennett Bartel ’22
Cassandra Bossong ’21
Taylor Peterson ’21
Project: Magneto-active Slosh Control (MaSC) for Spacecraft and launch vehicles
Read more about the Carthage Microgravity Team
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby
* This project is supported by a grant from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium