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2017 SURE Participants

More than 50 Carthage students are on campus for the summer, tackling projects that range from building a satellite, to investigating cancer cells, to writing a new play.

Prof. Deborah Tobiason conducts research with students.Are you a 2017 SURE student?

We want to hear about your research. Tell us more!

SURE — the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience — pairs students with professors for on-campus research. The following students and projects were selected for the 2017 SURE program:


Stefanie Huttelmaier ’18
Josey Muske ’20
Project: Investigation of Cell Surface Markers on Cancer Cells Cultured Under Hypoxic Conditions
Mentor: Prof. Andrea Henle

Sarah Robinson ’18
Project: Comparative Wrist Morphology Among Species of Chiroptera
Mentor: Prof. Deanna Byrnes

Cara Hull ’19
Caitlin McCombe ’20
Project: Acoustic Signatures as Aids in Identifying and Monitoring Longevity in Wild Roaming Gray Wolves (Canis lupus)
Mentor: Prof. Angela Dassow


Leah Hall ’19 (Noyce Scholar)
Project: Quantitation of Metal Ions in Surface Waters
Mentor: Prof. Christine Blaine

Michael Jones ’19
Project: Micelle-Catalyzed Reactions in Flow
Mentor: Prof. David Brownholland

Matthew Koviekis ’18
Project: Deposition and Strengthening of Silica Colloidal Crystals
Mentor: Prof. John Kirk

Leah Sanford ’18
Project: Synthesis of Size-Matched Silica and Gold Nanoparticles
Mentor: Prof. John Kirk

Aileen Szczepanski ’19
Project: Organic Synthesis of O-acylated Amino Acid Surfactants to Examine Antibacterial Properties
Mentor: Prof. David Brownholland


Lawrence Gums ’18
Melody Abbott ’19
Project: New Translation of Sophocles’ Ajax for Use with Veterans Struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Mentor: Prof. Ben DeSmidt


Troy Durie ’18
Project: Solving the Mystery of Productivity in the American Economy
Mentor: Prof. Cassie Lau

Education: Mathematics

Ashley Bucolt ’18 (Noyce Scholar)
Marcelo Hernandez ’18
Project: Taking Anxiety out of the Equation: A Study About Math Education
Mentor: Prof. Lara Christoun


Alexandra Martinez ’18
Project: Examining the Use of Memory in Jane Austen’s novel Mansfield Park
Mentor: Prof. Alyson Kiesel

Racheal Treadway ’18
Project: Examining Memory in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion
Mentor: Prof. Alyson Kiesel


Linda Muita ’19
Project: Impact of Hedge Fund Activism on Target Companies
Mentor: Prof. Cassie Lau

Zachary Nelson ’18
Project: Increasing Profits in European Football (Soccer)
Mentor: Prof. Cassie Lau


Nathan Fiege ’19
Nathan Morris ’18 (Noyce Scholar)
Ariana Raya ’19
Jordan Weathersby ’18
Project: Mathematical Model for Magnetism
Mentor: Prof. Haley Yaple

Juan Sanchez ’19
Project: Bidding Conventions in Bridge
Mentor: Prof. Noah Weiss


Hannah Latham ’18
Project: Behavioral Inhibition, Stress Vulnerability, and Enhanced Associative Plasticity in Wistar Kyoto Rats
Mentor: Prof. Dan Miller


Bryce Novak ’18
Project: Brightness Variation in Tabby’s Star: Alien Megastructures or Chaotic Oscillator?
Mentor: Prof. Julie Dahlstrom

Psychological Science

Elizabeth Wenzel ’18
Project: Short-Term Memory for Odors is Surprisingly Poor
Mentor: Prof. Leslie Cameron

Mandy Ehlert ’18
Project: Attentional Entrainment Across Modalities and in a Changing Rhythm
Mentor: Prof. Anthony Barnhart


Alexis Gilkes ’18
Project: The Lakota Project: Research and Writing a New Play
Mentor: Prof. Neil Scharnick

Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium-funded Projects (WSGC)

Adam Biewer ’20
Nicholas Poole ’20
Project: Hardware Development and Data Analysis for VLF Radio Detection of Lightning in the Atmosphere and Ionosphere
Mentor: Prof. Brant Carlson

Celestine Ananda ’20
Jedidiah Barnes ’19
Nicholas Bartel ’20
Max Becher ’19
Michael Bisciglia ’19
Kathleen Dziubinski ’20
Zachary Erickson ’20
Charles Gallagher ’19
Dan Gerloff ’19
Laura Hammock ’19
Michael Hernandez ’19
Michael Huff ’19
Isaiah Jackson ’20
Caitlin Kitchen ’20
Jeremiah Munson ’19
Austin Weber ’20
Nycole Wenner ’19
Joseph Wonsil ’19
Project: CaNOP: Carthage CubeSat Project
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby

Megan Janiak ’20
Nathaniel Lee ’18 
Jackson Wehr ’18
Project: Micro-Propellant Gauging
Mentor: Prof. Kevin Crosby