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Past Projects

Carthage students selected to participate in SURE work with a faculty mentor on a new or developing line of research. SURE research activities are expected to contribute in a meaningful way to the education of the student and to the research agenda of the faculty mentor.

In past years, SURE participants have:

  • Studied computational fluid dynamics modeling of an inertial particle separator in microgravity
  • Designed and built biofilm detectors
  • Developed adaptive optics demonstrations for museum installations
  • Developed low-cost seismic monitoring stations
  • Studied the effects of oxytocin on object recognition tasks in rats and its relation to autism
  • Used GIS to find high priority neighborhoods for lead-free efforts

See SURE projects:
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“Being able to just focus on one topic and see the continuation is great.
There’s a good level of achievement you feel as you progress.”
— Sebastian Jacinto ’15