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Health and Wellness Program Goals

The focus of the Campus Recreation Program is to provide the Carthage family with services to facilitate healthy lifestyles — not just during college, but after graduation as well. Through our events and programming, we hope to promote a healthier quality of life for our entire Carthage community.

The Campus Recreation Program aims to integrate and enrich the seven aspects of wellness:

Social. Friends can serve as a source of encouragement and reinforcement for practicing healthy habits such as proper nutrition and exercise. By providing meaningful interactions through group fitness classes, large campus-wide events, and community outreach, we strive to foster genuine and long lasting connections.

Emotional. We promote exercise as a stress relief and mood enhancement technique. Exercise is a great way to build self-confidence and improve self-image which can carry into other aspects of life.

Spiritual. The Program contributes to Carthage community members’ ability to create sound habits and core values that stimulate inner peace and understanding of one’s self.

Environmental. Promote and facilitate sustainable practices and eco-friendly products. A healthier environment fosters a healthier individual.

Occupational. The Program provides Exercise and Sports Science students valuable job experience while still at Carthage. We strive to provide a first-class fitness center as well as a facility for job preparedness.  View the Join the Team tab for more information.

Intellectual. Foster the College’s commitment to “sound minds in sound bodies.” We also offers programs and seminars to increase health awareness on campus developing life-long learners not only in the classroom but in life.

Physical. Create a safe and convenient environment where students and staff can improve their fitness level. Developing better habits today lead to a healthier tomorrow.