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The Tower Initiative

Construction has begun on a facility that will transform the residential experience for Carthage students beginning in fall 2018.

The Tower: More than a residence hall

For students living on campus, a Carthage College education is a round-the-clock undertaking that transcends the intellectual. Alumni report that some of their most cherished campus memories — indeed, many of their “learning moments” — stem from clubs and social activities outside the classroom.


The Tower at a Glance

  • Eight stories
  • 43,000 square feet
  • Will connect Johnson and Madrigrano Halls
  • Opening in Fall 2018
  • Room for 126 residents
  • Triples the amount of common space on campus
  • Full kitchens for residents
  • Beautifully designed suite-style rooms

A Residential College

See indoor features
See outdoor spaces

Nearly three decades of sustained growth in Carthage’s enrollment has driven expansion of facilities to meet student needs. Projects such as the Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center and Tarble Arena, the Hedberg Library, the A. W. Clausen Center for World Business, and the new Science Center are meeting growing needs in athletics, academics, and research.

The Oaks Residence Village and the Campbell Student Union moved the College closer to meeting the needs of our residential life programs. But more is required in this area.

For this reason, Carthage has begun construction on a commanding eight-story, 43,000-square-foot residence hall. Informally nicknamed “the Tower,” the building will connect the existing Joseph Johnson and Madrigrano Family residence halls. It will house up to 126 residents, and devote two floors to shared spaces where students can socialize, collaborate, and cook meals.

Learning to live with others in a mutually respectful environment is an essential step in character development. This facility will allow Carthage to more fully embrace its mission as a residential college.

An architect's rendering of the new residential tower at Carthage College.

Another Place to Call Home

The Tower fulfills a number of timely needs that arose from Carthage’s steady growth over the past 30 years and changes in the expectations of college-aged men and women. Those needs are specifically tied to recruiting and retaining the College’s student body.

First, the College’s targeted enrollment increase requires additional housing. Our strategic plan calls for 2,700 traditional undergraduate students by 2019, up from the current 2,600. About 70 percent typically live on campus. Simply put, we need more rooms for our students.

First impressions are lasting ones, both when recruiting new students and when those students arrive on campus. The need to provide a “home away from home” atmosphere is imperative. Weaving the bedrooms, study spaces, and common areas into one seamless environment makes a difference in the successful transition from home to college.

College-bound students look for specific residential amenities and a variety of housing options. The Tower, combined with the Oaks and the traditional residence halls on campus, will provide that range of choices.

We want our students to have a great on-campus living experience, complete with the facilities and resources to succeed. This new hall provides an exciting living option for new and returning students, and we anticipate it will contribute to the growing demand at Carthage.

An architect's rendering shows common areas in the new residential tower at Carthage College.

“This way, we can better fulfill the true mission of a residential campus.”
— Kimberlie Goldsberry, Vice President for Student Affairs 

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