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Celebration of Scholars

2021 List of Presenters

The following is a list of presenters at the virtual 2021 Celebration of Scholars, along with their corresponding poster number that you’ll find in the online Gather Town platform.

To find a specific presenter’s poster number, use the CTRL-F keyboard function or click on “Find” in the Edit menu of your browser and type the name of the presenter. 

Poster #1

Using CRISPR to Understand the Role of YAP/TAZ in Retinal Development
Presenters: Samantha Ardery ’21, John Nykyforuk ’21, Guillermo Trujillo ’22

Poster #2

The role of Arabidopsis thaliana genes in the gravitropic and phototropic response during spaceflight 
Presenters: Melanie Gucwa ’21, Samantha Ardery ’21, Andrew Hallstrom ’22

Poster #3

GNAQ Transgenic Zebrafish Display Hyperactive Melanophore Migration During Pattern Reformation
Presenters: Melanie Gucwa ’21, Steven Wright ’21

Poster #4

Transcriptomic Analysis of Constitutively Active YAP Data 
Presenter: Asher Boucher ’22


Automating Video Analysis of Zebrafish Regeneration 
Presenter: Sophia Tajnai ’21


Does Proper Sports Nutrition Influence Perceived Athletic Performance?
Presenter: Alana Radley ’21


Vegan Diets and Endurance Athlete Performance 
Presenter: Emma Self ’21


Does the menstrual cycle have an influence on ACL injuries in pubescent female athletes compared to prepubescent female athletes?
Presenter: Vanesa Acosta ’21


A Comparative Analysis of Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair to Reconstruction 
Presenter: Brody Ilstrup ’21


Does wearing ankle braces reduce injuries compared to those who don’t wear ankle braces in male football athletes?
Presenter: John Quintero ’23


Using carbon dioxide to examine physiological differences in behaviorally inhibited males
Presenters: Kevin Dunn ’21, Megan Mayer ’22


Development of Human Escape/Avoidance Task Using Transdermal Stimulation As An Unconditioned Stimulus
Presenters: Kevin Dunn ’21, Alexandra Arber ’22


Assembling Whole Population Genomes from Pooled DNA Sequences
Presenter: Ashley Brickl ’21

Poster #14

Integrating Remote Sensing into Higher Level Geoscience Education using Unmanned Aerial Systems
Presenters: Katie Cochran ’21, Connor Plagge ’21, and Calvert McCormick ’21

Poster #15

Location Analytics & Intelligence 
Presenter: Noah Cortez ’21 

Poster #16

Effects of Plyometric Training versus Traditional Weight Training on Increase in Vertical Jump Height 
Presenter: Benjamin McCurley ’23 

Poster #17

The Role of Wrist Supports in Prevention of Injury 
Presenter: Megan Mahlkuch ’23 

Poster #18

For Division 3 college football athletes, does having a max squat that is over 150 percent of their body weight increase the likelihood of an ACL injury in the knee? 
Presenter: Jacob Boucher ’22 

Poster #19

Does squatting parallel compared to below parallel help prevent patellar tendonitis in male athletes? 
Presenter: Samual Kotsonas ’22

Poster #20

Concussion Exposure and Increased Depression Risk 
Presenter: Hannah Midlock ’21

Poster #21

Measuring Functional Recovery in Larval Zebrafish 
Presenters: Rebecca Fales ’22 and Ashley Gorman ’23

Poster #22

Anne’s and the Elliot Family’s Ideals of Marriage in Persuasion
Presenter: Ashley Gorman ’23 

Poster #23

Knowledge as a Downfall: An Analysis of The Tempest
Presenter: Molly Skoda ’22

Poster #24

The Trickster Penelope 
Presenter: Emmersyn Doro ’24

Poster #25

Complexity and Competition in The Odyssey
Presenter: Megan Baumeister ’24

Poster #26

Effects of Ankle Bracing on Ankle Sprains
Presenter: Delanie Menconi ’21

Poster #27

The Effects of Sleep on Injury in Athletes 
Presenter: Alexandre Lacrosse ’21

Poster #28

Implementing an ACL Prevention Program: A Review of the Literature on ACL Injury Prevention in Female Athletes 
Presenter: Madeline Jerry ’21

Poster #29

Are athletes who use unprescribed Adderall at a higher risk of mental or physical injuries than those with prescribed Adderall? 
Presenter: Mary McCarthy ’21

Poster #30

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy pre-screening in college athletes 
Presenter: Kelsey Welch ’21

Poster #32

Humanity and Divinity: Co-Creators of the Universe in the Mahabharata 
Presenter: Natalie Lall ’21

Poster #33

Short but Sweet: My Study Abroad in Japan 
Presenter: Mallory Jenkins ’21

Poster #34

The Impact of Climate Change in Nigeria: Social, Economic, and Political Devastation 
Presenter: Leah Pope ’22

Poster #35

Alternative Motives of Athene in The Odyssey 
Presenter: Emily June ’24

Poster #36

Design of the 2022 Celebration of Scholars Logo
Presenter: Grace Sakry ’22 

Poster #37

COVID-19 Impact on Small Businesses in Kenosha 
Presenter: Wesam Al Sarori ’21 

Poster #38

Business Analytics: More Important than Ever 
Presenter: Sam Smith ’21 

Poster #39

The Effect of a Vocation/Calling Education Program on Undergraduate Nursing Students 
Presenter: Daniel Dalton ’21 

Poster #40

Effects of a Music Therapy Intervention on Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Level of State Anxiety 
Presenter: August Villa ’21 

Poster #41

Effects of Mindfulness on Social Interactions in Adolescents with History of Trauma 
Presenter: Victoria Nikolaeva ’21

Poster #42

Motivational Interviewing with Emphasized Goal Setting in Adults with Alcohol Use Disorder 
Presenter: Lindsey McConnell ’21

Poster #43

Understanding the Feelings of Being a Burden: A Qualitative Study of Young Adults With Chronic Illness 
Presenter: Ashley Lundell ’23 

Poster #44

Math anxiety and trait anxiety as moderators of subjective and physiological responses to psychosocial stress 
Presenters: Devan Nelson ’21, Professor Nora Nickels

Poster #45

Instructor Presence in Instructional Video: Student Recall, Perception, and Anxiety 
Presenters: Kevin Carter ’21, Jessica Sendef ’21, Professor Nora Nickels

Poster #46

Presenter: Geovanni Virella-Torres ’22 

Poster #47

Parsons Etude Reimagined (2020)
Presenters: Professor Stacy Pottinger, Geovanni Virella-Torres ’22 

Poster #48

Interactive Narrative Technology and Production 
Presenter: Brooke Halvorsen ’21

Poster #49

Music of the Meru People 
Presenter: Morgan Taylor ’21

Poster #50

Optimizing Performance Through the Breath 
Presenter: Emily Harmon

Poster #51

Impact of Power Inequality on Environmental Quality 
Presenter: Georgia Fox ’21 

Poster #52

Public Accommodations, Interstate Commerce, and Racial Discrimination 
Presenter: Samuel Croak ’21 

Poster #53

Perceived Police Legitimacy 
Presenter: Tyrani White ’21

Poster #54

Assessment on Carthage Students’ Spiritual Self-Care Practices
Presenter: Sophie Hyde ’21

Poster #55

Romeo and Juliet by the Numbers 
Presenter: Theodore Reimer ’24 

Poster #56

The Vitality of Interdisciplinary Arts Collaboration thru E-Residencies During COVID-19
Presenter: Professor Jojin Van Winkle

Poster #57

Suggestions on How to Integrate Social-Emotional Learning into the Classroom
Presenters: Aubrey Schoeneman ’24 and Emily Zank ’23 

Poster #58

The Effect on Teaching K-8th Grade During the COVID-19 Pandemic 
Presenter: Nicole Pulford ’21

Poster #59

Teaching Students with Trauma
Presenter: Taylor Lystig ’24

Poster #60

High-leverage Practices (HLPs) Implemented in Urban Classrooms 
Presenters: Maryellen McCaw ’21, Adriana Santana ’21, Candice Mattie ’21, and Cassie Millard ’21

Poster #61

Multi-Point Mapping of Thunderstorm Electrical Structure
Presenters: Henry Meyer ’22, Cameron Fischer ’22, Garrett Shuldes ’22, Zac Scheunemann ’21, Madeline Ellie ’21, and Professor Brant Carlson

Poster #62

Propellant Mass Gauging via Modal Analysis on the International Space Station
Presenter: Taylor Peterson ’21 

Poster #63

Magneto-active Slosh Control Experiment 
Presenters: Cassandra Bossong ’21 and Liam Carls ’22

Poster #64

Modal Propellant Gauging — Propellant Refueling and on Orbit Transfer Operations 
Presenter: Alec Digirolamo ’21 and Bennett Bartel ’21

Poster #65

A Study of Coincidence Reflections in the Plane 
Presenters: Calvin Raymond ’21 and Victoria Wheeler ’22 

Poster #66

A Change of Worlds: Teaching Early American Avarice and the Oppression of the Indigenous Identity 
Presenter: Daniel Rossi ’21

Poster #67

Days More Barbarous Than Ours: The Fight for Female Enfranchisement & Equality in Canada and the Women Who Led the Charge 
Presenter: Daniel Rossi ’21 

Poster #68

The Nature of Violence: Four Families in the Dakota War of 1862 
Presenter: Mitchel Steinke ’21 

Poster #69

Balancing Truth and Transition: Politics, Justice, and Peace in Tokyo
Presenter: Braden Kundert ’21

Poster #70

How Fascists Changed Fashion: An Analysis of Fashion in the Weimar Republic and the Third Reich
Presenter: Caroline Cardamone ’21

Poster #71

Impact of deposition conditions on the quality of silica nanoparticle crystalline structures 
Presenters: Yana Astter ’21, Grace Tews ’21, and Kerigann Ballard ’22

Poster #72

Forming Carbon-Carbon Bonds With Triphenylphosphonium Salts Under Photoredox Catalysis
Presenter: Andrew Boldt ’21

Poster #73

Radical Bromination Using Photoredox Catalysis 
Presenter: Sydney Redlin ’22, Emma Hardwick ’21, and Jacqueline Chippeaux ’21

Poster #74

Radical Chlorination using Visible Light Photocatalysis 
Presenter: David Wilson ’22 and Anna Benz-Weeden ’22

Poster #75

Triphenylphosphonium salts as radical precursors using photoredox catalysis 
Presenter: Sidney Dickinson ’21 

Poster #76

A Case Study of the Modernization Theory and World Systems Theory in Action: Analyzing Nigeria’s Economic, Political, and Social Development from Pre-Colonial to Present Times 
Presenter: Megan Larson ’21 

Poster #77

Informational and Interactional Alignment/Disalignment: A comparative study of the Japanese sentence-final particle yone with English tag-questions 
Presenter: Alexander Rogers ’21 

Poster #78

How A Plague Can Save Humanity 
Presenter: Heidi Fischer ’21 

Poster #79

Cultural Construction of the Mind: Schema Theory and William James in Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons 
Presenter: Kathryn Milschewski ’21

Poster #80

Archetypes and Allegory: Jungian Archetypes in The Faerie Queene 
Presenter: Thomas Cargille ’21