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Celebration of Scholars

Schedule of Events

Friday, April 20, 2018

4-5:45 p.m.

Celebration of Scholars Poster Exhibition

N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center Field House
The Celebration of Scholars poster exhibition will be held from 4 to 5:45 p.m. on Friday, April 20, in the N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center Field House. Students and faculty will share their talents and passions. Students will present their senior theses, SURE projects, and exemplary scholarly and creative works completed in a course or through independent research with a faculty mentor. Faculty will share their own scholarly and creative works.


6-7 p.m.

Celebration of Scholars Student Awards Ceremony

N. E. Tarble Athletic and Recreation Center Field House
An evening award ceremony will be held from 6 to 7 p.m. in the TARC Field House. Please join students, parents, and colleagues as we honor recipients of the Students Excelling in Activities and Leadership (SEAL) awards, Western Heritage Scholarships, Global Heritage Prize, and the 2018 Distinguished Senior Award.

  • SEAL Awards: Students Excelling in Activities and Leadership (SEAL) awards recognize individuals and organizations for excellence in leadership, programs, and community service throughout the academic year.
  • Western Heritage Scholarships: These scholarships celebrate the high quality of student learning through the Western Heritage seminars. They also give current students the opportunity to receive substantial scholarship support. All students who have written exemplary essays or papers in Western Heritage are invited to apply for a Heritage Scholarship. Submissions are text-based essays (including a narrative essay) written for a Western Heritage course that explore and analyze the meaning of a primary text that is part of the Western Heritage curriculum.
  • Global Heritage Prize: The Global Heritage Competition honors exceptional work in projects with a focus on non-Western traditions and peoples. Projects take many forms, including essays, poems, visual or dramatic compositions, documentaries, reportage, musical compositions, and even musical instruments, among others. Winning projects demonstrate a high level of cultural understanding and make an original contribution to understanding of non-Western traditions, with excellent quality of execution.
  • 2018 Distinguished Senior Award: This is the highest award given to a graduating senior. The recipient exemplifies high academic achievement, service to the college community, leadership in college organizations, and active engagement beyond the Carthage campus. The Distinguished Senior receives the honor of representing the Class of 2018 as the class speaker during the Commencement ceremony.