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Celebration of Scholars

Proposal Guidelines

All students and faculty are encouraged to share their research, scholarly or creative achievements with the Carthage community at our Celebration of Scholars Poster Exhibition.

Submission Form

You will need to log in with your Carthage username and password.


Student presentations must have a faculty sponsor.

Abstracts must include a title and a description of the research, scholarship, or creative work. The description should be 150-225 words in length and constructed in a format or style appropriate for the presenter’s discipline.

The following points should be addressed within the selected format or style for the abstract:

  • A clear statement of the problem or question you pursued, or the scholarly goal or creative theme achieved in your work.
  • A brief comment about the significance or uniqueness of the work.
  • A clear description of the methods used to achieve the purpose or goals for the work.
  • A statement of the conclusions, results, outcomes, or recommendations, or if the work is still in progress, the results you expect to report at the event.

Boards for displaying posters will be provided for all presentations.

Please indicate if a presentation requires a small table for displaying physical objects, if a presentation requires a video display, or has other requirements.

Presenter photographs should be head and shoulder shots comparable to passport photos.

Additional Information

The following are members of the Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Committee who are eager to listen to ideas and answer questions:

  • Dennis Munk (Division of Professional Studies, Division of Natural and Social Sciences)
  • Brent McClintock(Division of Natural and Social Sciences)
  • John Kirk (Division of Natural and Social Sciences)
  • Jose Montoto(Division of Arts and Humanities)
  • Jun Wang (Division of Professional Studies)