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Welcome Home Tour

The Welcome Home Tour

Cameron Swallow had been in Kenosha less than a month when she and her two children decided to brave an open mic night at Fusion. They performed in front of a small audience of Kenoshans — never letting on that they were the family of new Carthage College President John Swallow.

Cameron did tell the crowd that they had recently relocated to Kenosha from Tennessee. After their song, a man from the audience came up to say hello. “He came up and said, ‘I’d like to welcome you home,’” Cameron recalls. 

“And that’s what it feels like. A welcome home.”

Now Cameron is on a multi-year Welcome Home Tour. She’s asking Carthage students, staff, and faculty to show her their favorite things in Kenosha: A great restaurant, dessert stop, or a favorite store, as well as some good old-fashioned Wisconsin traditions like fish fry and winter parkas. Read her posts below, and stay tuned to learn what Carthaginians love most about being part of Kenosha, Wisconsin. 


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