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Applying to Carthage College will be easier and cost less in the upcoming year. Starting with the fall 2020 incoming class, Carthage will give students the option to self-report their college admissions test scores, which include the ACT or SAT, when they submit their application for admissions rather than paying to have the scores sent.

Applicants will be asked to send an official record of their score for verification once they have been admitted and decide to enroll.

“We made this change for the upcoming year as a way to remove a barrier for students from lower and middle income families,” said Nick Mulvey, vice president for enrollment at Carthage.

Currently it can cost $12 to $16.50 to send each set of scores to each school, which can add up very quickly on top of application fees. Students also take the ACT or SAT multiple times over their high school career.

More than 100 colleges across the country accept self-reported test scores, helping to remove barriers to higher education for all students.

“Students know that we will be able to verify their test scores with either ACT or SAT, which takes away the assumption that students will false report,” Mr. Mulvey says. “Carthage wants to provide all students access to higher education, starting with the application process.”

Students who believe that standardized test scores do not accurately reflect the strength of their academic achievements can choose to be considered as test optional in the admissions process at Carthage, meaning they do not submit their scores at all.

“This policy aligns with our admissions philosophy of holistic review and aligns with Carthage’s strategic plan on increasing access to the valuable education we offer,” Mr. Mulvey says. “Standardized testing is not always the strongest indicator for successful performance in college. We look at the student’s high school performance through their grades and strength in their coursework.”

To learn more, please contact the Carthage College Office of Admissions at 262-551-6000 or